About Doctors Coin

Doctors Coin (DRS) is the world's first cryptocurrency made exclusively for the beauty industry. It provides an alluring alternative for making peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions involving the purchase of beauty products. Brands, shops, influencers, and buyers can enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology in creating a decentralized beauty community.


Doctors Coin exists with its features to improve the beauty sector for all beauty enthusiasts, shops, and influencers.

Accessible Beauty

Buyers will now have the means to access beauty products regardless of borders.

Quality Products

BeauBang will feature beauty products of popular brands and boutiques.

Cheap Transactions

Doctors Coin eliminates any need for middlemen, enabling cheaper transactions.

Social Interactions

Users can utilize Doctors Coin as a store of value and send it to their peers.

About BeauBang

BeauBang is a social e-commerce platform for beauty products and services. It is where people from all walks of life come together to celebrate and refine beauty. Buyers and sellers interact with each other and make transactions, while advertisers and influencers promote their brands and boutiques.

BeauBang exists to provide a more efficient means of selling beauty products and advertising brands. It integrates DRS as the recommended means of payment for all transactions. It uses blockchain technology, particularly its unique XPC protocol to facilitate near-instant P2P transactions. It also uses the AIRA-256 and AES-256 algorithms.


Doctors Coin uses various technological trends to ensure a seamless asset transfer and stress-free beauty for all.

Doctors Coin (DRS)

DRS is an ERC20 compliant token. It has 10 billion tokens in total supply, and functions as payment for users when purchasing products and as rewards for those who sell products on their live streams.

Social Video E-Commerce

Doctors Coin will be used for BeauBang, which is being developed as the world's first social video commerce platform. Users, boutiques, and influencers can benefit from live streams for beauty products.

BeauBang Platform

BeauBang is a social media platform that focuses on video advertising and beauty product selling. It is being developed to integrate DRS as its most preferred currency for payments and other transactions.

Our Vision

Doctors Coin will be one of the crypto frontrunners to advocate for accessible and top-quality beauty products.

Empower a World of Beauty

Doctors Coin will provide beauty enthusiasts with a better means for them to purchase their favorite beauty products at more competitive prices and get cryptocurrency-based rewards for participating.

Pave the Way for Cryptocurrencies

Doctors Coin will pave the way for mass crypto acceptance by introducing a novel and secure method of purchasing beauty products using cryptocurrencies, specifically DRS token, on top of enabling fiat.

Connect Beauty Enthusiasts

Connect Beauty Enthusiasts Beauty product users, popular and emerging brands, boutiques, and beauty influencers will be able to communicate and strengthen their relationships through BeauBang’s video tool and social media platform.


Acknowledging the fact that beauty is a process, Doctors Coin has set a timeline for its developments and priorities.

Team Members

These are the innovators who will tinker with blockchain technology to give the beauty industry a total make-over.

Jung Il Moon


Jung Il held many leadership positions within the creative industries. First, he served as Director at Cheil Worldwide, Samsung’s marketing agency and was in charge of diverse marketing projects including Michael Jackson Concert in Korea. Later, he was an Executive Director at KTB Network and was responsible for specific projects including coordinating Pyeongyang Art Performance Group Show and investing in successful films such as the Joint Security Area. He was also a professor for the department of advertising at Hong-Ik University, Korea and had many other chief roles for film, book, animation and event projects. One of his most well-known works is popular educational cartoon series known as Greek and Roman Myth.

Hanbyul Lee


Hanbyul Lee is a seasoned IT professional with extensive experience in the gaming industry. He has successfully launched PC/mobile games in Korea as well as in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Previously, he developed 3D game engine for Sun Online at WEBZEN, was a programmer at netmarble, led ThreeSky Kingdoms project at HanbitSoft as project manager, and was a cofounder/CTO for NX3GAMES which later published a popular game also known as ROHAN M. Currently, he now ventures on blockchain-based projects.

Jiyeon Jang


Mr. Jang is a Ph.D. graduate from the Kyung Hee University who currently serves as Chairman for Vands Clinic. He is also the Founder/Chairman of International Society of Stem Cell and Aesthetic Medicine and an Honorary Chairman of the Korea Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Previously, Mr. Jang held diverse leadership positions at The All Medical Hub and The All Medibio and as an expert on the topic of aesthetics, he also wrote numerous articles and his most known publications are ‘Face and Body Contouring Using Liposuction’ and ‘Making Perfect S Line.’

Kimok Park


Kimok Park is a C-level executive with over 5 years of professional experience. First, after obtaining his MBA degree at University of Illinois, he as international business director helped WEBZEN to be listed at NASDAQ and KOSDAQ. In prior to his career in DRS, he was the COO of Chari Tech Sdn. Bhd, KMJ Tech, and Pinnacle Soft. He was also a trading expert from LG investment.

Eungsuk Lee

General Manager

Eungsuk Lee is an expert in business strategy, earning him the role of General Manager in DRS. Prior to this position, he was the General Manager of Chari Tech Sdn. Bhd, Director of Blocktroopers, CEO of NHN Entertainment Singapore and Director of NAVER.

Bongryong Cho

Senior Manager

Bongryong has over 5 years of experience in the blockchain industry. He has held C-level positions at different firms such as Code X, PlayerOne, Earthian, and Second Autumn. All these business experiences prove his capability as Senior Manager for DRS.

Kyu C. Lee


Mr. Lee is a CEO and Producer at Kino33 Entertainment, based in the US and Korea. He also holds a C-level position at SONICTIER. He is an International Marketing and Production Executive, with a decade of experience with Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Yeon Ju Lee


With a Ph.D. degree from the Graduate School of Medicine at KeiMyung University, Dr. Lee is the Director of Vands Clinic, a beauty and healthcare provider. She is also the Academic Planning Director at the Korean Society of Beauty and Science.

Hae Young Lee


Graduated from Catholic Medical University, Dr. Lee is the Chief Doctor of IAN Cosmetic Clinic. With his expertise in healthcare, anti-aging, and plastic surgery, he holds the position of President at the Korean Society of Aesthetic Surgery (KSAS).


Doctors Coin has established partnerships with various medical beauty providers and tech companies.

Doctors Coin Whitepaper

This whitepaper explains the DRS project in full detail. Read the document to know the technology behind DRS and see how we will revolutionize the world's beauty experience.

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